Welcome to the G. B. Armstrong's 7th & 8th grade History Fair '09

To post each project you need to first click on edit> at the top of the page you will find an editor bar that can be moved around> the icon just below and a little to the left of the word editor is the icon to click on for uploading files> once you click the icon a window will pop up that says Images & Files at the top> next click on the tab that says Upload Files > browse to find the file and click on the file once you have found it> now you can click upload> once the file is uploaded you should see it in the window- click the file twice and it will be posted to the web page.

208-7 History Projects
207-7 History Projects
206-7 History Projects
205-7 History Projects

Black Panthers demonstrating outside Manhattan Court House

Find more of these great resources on the cps databases!

Resource - CPS Databases

//cps database// portal - This portal will take you to cps databases, which was purchased by your school. Either select Armstrong G. from the menu or search for Armstrong using our unit #2080> click on the school when you identify it > then click on view all products >at this point you will see a list of databases with a description of what can be found in each database> click on the one that most interests you and enjoy :-)

CR Marches

204-8 History Projects
203-8 History Projects
201-8 History Projects
202-8 History Projects